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  • Cafe Menu

  • To Eat In or Take Out

    Our three outlets have cabinets full of hot and cold food. Choose from our menu and enjoy it as a take away or seated in our cafe area. Hot and cold drinks are also available. Check out our full menu below.

  • Fresh Hot Food

    Our Hot Food is baked fresh daily and kept hot for you in our heated cabinets.

    • Hot Pies

      Steak, Steak 'n Cheese, Steak 'n Mushroom, Steak 'n Onion, Steak 'n Bacon, Mince, Mince 'n Cheese, Bacon & Egg, Potato Top. 

    • Specialty Pies

      Chicken 'n Corn, Smoked Fish, Butter Chicken, Seafood, Steak Bacon 'n Cheese, Chili Beef 'n Cheese, Steak 'n Kidney, Vegetarian, Pepper Steak, Family Pies (variety of flavours), Bacon 'n Egg Slab (large and small), Cornish Pasties

    • Savouries

      Sausage Rolls (Large and Small), Mince savouries, Potato Top savouries, Quiche savouries. 

    • Quiche

      Ham 'n Tomato, Vegetarian, Family Size Quiche - Vegetarian, Ham 'n Tomato, Asparagus, Feta.

    • Hot Foods

      Curry Rolls, Spring Rolls, Lamb Shanks, Chicken Satay, Chicken Cordon Bleu, Cheese Kransky, Beef Sausage, Hot Dogs, Small Lasagne (family size - made to order), Hash Browns, Crab sticks, Chicken Wings, Fish, Chips, Wedges, Wedges 'n Sour Cream

    • The Bay Burger Range

      Bay Burger (Beef,lettuce tomato, onion, beetroot, tomato sauce), Giant Bay (Large Beef, lettuce tomato, onion, beetroot, egg, tomato sauce), Bay Egg 'n Cheese (Beef, Cheese, Egg, Salad & Sauce), Bay Double (Beef, Double Cheese, Salad & Sauce), Bay Egg (Beef, Egg, Salad & Sauce), Bay Hawaiian (Ham, Cheese, Pineapple, Salad), Bacon 'n Egg Burger

  • Filled Rolls, Sandwiches

    Our Filled Rolls and Sandwiches are prepared daily with newly baked bread and the freshest ingredients. Choose your favourite from our chilled cabinets.

    • Filled Rolls

      Ham, Roast Beef, Chicken, Vegetarian, Bacon & Egg, Seafood, Rissole

    • Sandwiches

      Ham, Chicken, Chicken 'n Cranberry, Roast Beef, Corned Beef, Turkish, Pizza, Chicken Schnitzel, Chicken Satay, Char Grilled Chicken, Club Sandwich (special price for functions), Sandwich pack, Dark Rye Sandwich, Specialty sandwiches made to order 

    • Other Cold Food

      Bacon 'n Egg Slice, Cheese stick (Regular and Long), Ham Cheese Stick, Croissant - Ham Honey 'n Mustard, Croissant - Chicken Cranberry 'n Brie, Plaits, Wraps

  • Bread and Rolls

    We offer a wide variety of Loaves and Rolls, baked fresh daily with gluten free available. 

    • Whole Loaf or Sandwich or Toast Cut Bread Loaf

      White, brown or multi grain 

    • Specialty Breads

      Specialty Bread - Variety of specialty loaves available - Rye, Garlic, Foccaccia, Spicy, Kibbled, Sour Dough and more
      French Bread - Baguettes
      Buns - Sesame Buns, Plain Dinner Rolls

    • Gluten Free

      A variety of Gluten free options are available

  • Cakes, Muffins and Sweet Food

    We offer a variety of our baked cakes, muffins, biscuits, tarts, pies to suit you 

    • Cakes

      A selection of decorated iced cakes, available whole or by slice

    • Celebration Cakes

      A selection of Birthday cakes, 21st Key cakes, 21st Birthday cakes, Wedding cakes, Christmas cakes and more

    • Special Event Treats

      Christmas tarts, mince pies and Easter Hot Cross buns available, in season

    • Biscuits and Slices

      Biscuits - Chocolate Chip, Melting Moment, Shortbread, Anzac, Afghans
      Slice - Date Walnut, Muesli, Raspberry or Caramel, Russian or Ginger, Date 'n Apple, Lemon 'n Ginger, Coffee 'n Walnut, Chocolate Chip, Coconut Rough, Peppermint, Black Forest, Peanut Caramel, Apricot Rough, Rocky Road, Lolly Log, Cheesecake, Date Walnut loaf, Fudge Brownie, Apple Turnover, Apricot Turnover, Custard Square, Apple Shortcake, Apricot Shortcake
      Muffins - Savoury or sweet varieties available
      Others - Fruit Donuts, Lamingtons with fresh cream, Eclairs, Neenish Tarts

  • Drinks and Refreshments

    Enjoy our selection of hot and cold drinks and other refreshments
    Take out or cafe style seating available

    • Coffee

      Your favourite Fusion coffee served by our Barrista

    • Tea

      A variety of Teas available by the pot or cup

    • Cold drink cans

      A variety of fizzy or fruit cold drinks are available in cans or cartons

    • Iced Drinks

      Thick shakes, standard milk shakes and Smoothies are available

    • Ice Cream

      Choose your favourite Frosty Boy soft serve flavour

    • Hot Soup

      Ideal warmer for winter. Enquire about today's soup flavour