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  • Special Events

  • Christmas

    We offer cakes, tarts and mince pies for your Christmas catering. Why hassle over a hot stove? Save time with our catering service

    • Christmas Cake

      A variety of Christmas Cakes are available - fruit cake, iced or without.

    • Christmas Tarts

      Fruit tarts in a variety of options

    • Fruit Mince Pies

      A Kiwi favourite with tasty fruit filling

    • Christmas Bread

      Special recipe bread for Christmas

    • Gingerbread

      A variety of Gingerbread goodies

  • Weddings

    We can provide your wedding cake and meet your wedding catering needs

    • Wedding Cake

      We can bake, design and decorate the right cake for your wedding

    • Catering Menu Options

      Check our Catering Menu page for available options

  • Parties

    We cater for all parties including children's, 21st, or senior milestone parties

    • Cakes

      We bake and decorate any birthday cakes including children's, 21st and senior birthday cakes

    • Birthday Catering

      We cater for children's or adult parties - see our Catering Menu page